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MIG Welding Aluminium

In order to weld aluminium you must use:

  • Pure argon or argon helium mix as the protection gas.

  • A welding wire with a composition suitable for the base material to be welded.

  • Note: If only a torch prepared for steel wires is available, it must be altered as follows:

  • Make sure that the cable is as short as practicable, if possible no more than 3 metres long.

  • Remove the brass liner nut, gas nozzle, contact tip and then take out the steel liner.

  • Insert a Teflon or carbon fibre liner making sure that it protrudes from both ends.

  • Screw the contact tip back on so that the liner butts up to it.

  • At the free end of the liner insert the liner nipple and O-ring and fasten with the nut without over-tighten.

  • Use wire feeder rollers suitable for aluminium wire.

  • Adjust the pressure exerted by the arm of the wire feeder group on the roller to the lowest possible setting.

  • Consider the use of a push-pull or spool on gun type welding gun to aid wire feed consistency.

  • Ensure that the contact tips are suitable for use with aluminium.

  • Make sure the material to be welded is clean.

  • Remember to fill the crater at the end of the weld to reduce weld defects.

Jasic MIG 270 Compact Inverter Welder


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