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Equipment Maintenance

As you are aware, in order to achieve optimum and continued performance from any form of welding or cutting equipment it is advisory and, in some cases, mandatory that regular maintenance and safety checks are performed as reflected within the BS standard EN60974-4 which specifies the test procedures for periodic inspection to ensure product electrical safety (this standard is applicable to power sources for arc welding designed in accordance with IEC 60974-1).

Due to the nature of welding inverter equipment (having sensitive electronic components within) regular maintenance and cleaning is paramount which ensures that when welding and cutting equipment is used within environments such as dirt/dust (grinding dust being conductive) reliability is maintained.

The Jasic range of machines as far as maintenance is concerned require a minimal amount of maintenance, as there are few serviceable parts inside and it would be generally involve cleaning and housekeeping checks.
Many of the machines have also been designed with energy efficiency in mind having systems such as “Fan on Demand” or multi speed fan circuitry, i.e. fan on demand being the fan does not run or reach full speed until machine operates or heats to a predetermined temperature for example fan slow speed operates all the time and when a certain temperature has been achieved the fan will increase in speed, once the unit has cooled down, then the fan will go back to low speed. This fan operation also helps to reduce the quantity of contaminants entering into the machine.

To achieve maximum life from your machine you should put in place a service schedule of pre-determined intervals. There is no reason to believe that this should only start when the warranty period has expired.
A service schedule should include cleaning of the machine, internally and externally, electrically testing, full visual inspection and the replacement of any damage to the machine and machine cables.

Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the instructions contained within the product operation manual.

The majority of problems that are noticed with welding equipment is generally due to wear and tear which can be eliminated with regular servicing. Damage generally to accessories that are connected to the machine which are used on a daily basis: i.e. torch, earth clamp, foot control, gas regulator/hose and so on should be repaired at the time that damage occurs to ensure the machine is kept in 'safe’ peak operating condition.

On completion a detailed service test log should be completed on and after each service for your records.

Jasic Warranty:

Jasic guarantees the product to be free from defects in material or workmanship when operated in accordance with the written instructions as defined in the owner’s manual supplied with the machine.

This warranty does not cover parts or labour costs for a failure or damage resulting from:

  • Operating the product beyond the specifications established in the operating manual.

  • Failure to clean and maintain the machine as set forth in the operating manual.

  • Installation not in accord with the operating manual.

The warranty period is in line with the warranty periods detailed within the Operating Manual of the machine. 

Due to standards that are in place and probably in keeping with your own quality management system machine calibration and/or validation may be required, this might also be the case for maintenance servicing scheduling.

Warranty repairs will only be carried out by Wilkinson Star Limited or authorised Jasic distributor technicians who have

attended a Jasic training course otherwise warranty will be invalidated.

Jasic Product Mains Plug Rating Chart:


Setup and Troubleshooting MIG Wire Feed Systems & MIG Torches:

Please download our generic guide to setting up and troubleshooting MIG wire feed

drive systems and MIG torches.

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