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How to Buy

Purchase from a nationwide network of

reputable welding equipment distributors

An authorised Jasic distributor will give you the professional support, and value you deserve. 

Their level of expertise will ensure that you are as happy with the purchasing process as we know you will be with

the purchase itself.


Choose from over 30 excellent models covering five welding processes with UK stock exceeding 1200+ welding & plasma cutting inverters.


If you need any assistance locating a local authorised Jasic dealer please call 0161 793 8127 to speak to a customer service advisor.

The product is supported with unrivalled after-sales service. Our exclusive UK and Ireland importer Wilkinson Star

provide a service team that supports the product with over 900 man years of experience, and the technical ability

to restore inverter boards to component level.

Wilkinson Star offer an extremely comprehensive range of products from several leading brands in the Welding and Compressed Air markets, as follows:-

  • Engine Driven Welding Generators

  • Engine Driven Power Generators

  • Lighting Towers

  • Automotive & Industrial Spot Welding Equipment

  • Pipe Cutting Systems

  • Welding Torches & Consumables

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Gas Equipment

  • Air Compressors, Air Tools, Spray Guns

  • Hand Tools

Wilkinson Star 2017 Product Catalogue
Jasic Welding Inverter UK Facilities
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Offices
Jasic Welding Inverters UK
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Reception
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Showroom
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Office
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Warehouse
Jasic Welding inverters UK Warehouse
Jasic Welding Inverters UK Warehouse
Jasic UK Warehouse
Jasic UK Warehouse
Jasic UK Warehouse
Jasic UK Technology Centre
Jasic UK Technology Centre

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