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Key benefits of MIG welding

The MIG/MAG process has a number of features and benefits over other modes especially if the correct method is used.

Jasic MIG 250 Compact Welder
Jasic MIG 250 Compact Welder

  • It can weld most commercial metals and alloys including steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

  • The simple techniques are easy to learn as the constant feeding of the consumable wire allows the operator to concentrate on the arc control.

  • It can be easily mechanised for repetitive welding.

  • The process allows for greater speed and efficiency compared to the MMA and TIG process resulting in faster welding with reduced labour costs.

  • It can be used in almost all positions.

  • A wide range of current can be used for a single wire diameter allowing a variety of joints to be made without changing consumable or equipment.

  • Continuously fed consumable wire reduces down time due to changeover.

  • The process is a “low hydrogen” process with reduced danger of hydrogen pick up.

  • Alloy steels are weldable with less risk of cold cracking and no special treatment of the consumables is required such as drying ovens.

  • Less weld defects caused by stop starts in the weld time.

  • Approximately 98% of the consumable wire is converted to weld material compared to 65% with MMA welding.

  • Produces little or no slag (weld shield formation) helping reduce weld defects such as slag inclusion.

  • The arc pool is clearly visible during welding.

  • There is low wastage with the MIG/MAG process compared to MMA and minimal post weld clean up required saving time and reducing labour cost.


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