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How to prepare a TIG Tungsten Electrode

TIG DC Welding

& TIG AC Welding with Some Modern Inverter Controlled Welders)

Jasic TIG Tungsten Electrode Preparation

When welding at low current the electrode can be ground to a point. At higher current a small flat on the end of the electrode is preferable as this helps with arc stability.

AC Welding (Standard AC Power Sources and Sinusoidal Operations)

Electrode Grinding

It is important when grinding the electrode to take all necessary precautions such as wearing eye protection and ensuring adequate protection against breathing in any grinding dust. Tungsten electrodes should always be ground lengthwise and not in a radial operation.

Electrodes ground in a radial operation tend to contribute to arc wander due to the arc transfer from the grinding pattern. Always use a grinder solely for grinding electrodes to avoid contamination.

Jasic TIG Tungsten Grinding


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