Parts of a TIG Welding Torch

Jasic TIG Welding Torch
  1. Rigid Torch Body

  2. Flexible Torch Body (Optional)

  3. Torch Body with Argon Valve (Optional)

  4. Short Back Cap (Optional)

  5. Medium Back Cap (Optional)

  6. Long Back Cap

  7. Back Cap 'O' Ring

  8. Collet

  9. Stubby Collet (Optional)

  10. Collet Body

  11. Stubby Collet Body (Optional)

  12. Gas Lens Body (Optional)

  13. Large Gas Lens Body (Optional)

  14. Ceramic Cup

  15. Long Ceramic Cup (Optional)

  16. Gas Lens Cup (Optional)

  17. Long Gas Lens Cup (Optional)

  18. Large Gas Lens Cup (Optional)

  19. Ceramic Cup for Stubby Collet (Optional)

  20. Long Ceramic Cup for Stubby Collet (Optional)

  21. X-Long Ceramic Cup for Stubby Collet (Optional)

  22. Left & Right Handle Shell

  23. Handle Screw

  24. Single Button Switch

  25. Handle Ball Joint

  26. Leather Sheath

  27. Cable Cover Joint (Not illustrated)

  28. Standard Heat Shield

  29. Gas Lens Heat Shield (Optional)

  30. Large Gas Lens Insulator (Optional)

  31. Valve Stem (Optional)

Tungsten Electrode (Not shown above)

(Different options depending on material being welded)

Thoriated Tungsten Electrode


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