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Order Code: ZXJP-81

Cut 80 Plasma Cutter

Discount available from your local dealer

Highly advanced plasma cutter

for precise smooth cuts

The New Jasic Pro Plasma Cut 80 is professional high-end plasma cutting inverter equipped with the latest IGBT technology.

This technologically advanced plasma cutter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable cutting performance.

The plasma cutter provides variable cutting control that allows the operator to produce precise smooth cuts.

List Price: £1993

Jasic Cut 80 Plasma Cutter

Clean cut




Quality Standards Jasic Plasma Cutter

Inverter Features

  • Latest IGBT plasma cutter

  • PWM technology

  • Lightweight, portable and robust cutter

  • Digital ammeter

  • Variable cutting control

  • 25mm Cut on mild steel

  • PT100 (6m) plasma cutting torch

  • Cuts steel, stainless, copper, cast iron & aluminium

  • Cutting speed is increased 1.8 times when compared with oxy-acetylene cutting​

  • Metal mesh cutting mode

  • Non HF ignition

  • LED display

  • IGBT protection system

  • Air check indicator

  • Smooth precise cutting

  • CNC connection

  • Simple operation

  • 2T/4T cutting operation

  • Generator friendly plasma cutter

Inverter Package Includes

Technical Data

AC 415V - 50/60 Hz


Range 20 - 80

 Input Power 12

Duty 80A @ 40%

Clean 25mm

Severance 30mm

200 Ltr/Min@5 Bar

Power Factor 0.7

Class: IP21S/F

566 x 223 x 405


Plasma cutter power source, Plasma cutting torch (6m), Earth return lead, Operating instructions, 

5 year extended warranty.


PT-100 Jasic Plasma Cutting Torch
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