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Order Code: ZXJT-315MWD

TIG 315P AC/DC Multi Wave Inverter 

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List Price: £2730

Highly advanced ac/dc inverter with

superior multi wave versatility

Premium TIG 315 Pulse AC/DC welding inverter is a technologically advanced three-phase multi wave power source suitable for medium to high production cycles.

The innovative and user-friendly digital panel allows full control of the welding parameters. 

The excellent technical characteristics of the TIG 315 AC/DC make it an ideal choice for professionally skilled TIG welders that require precise control and reliable performance.  


Jasic Welding Inverter Quality Standards
Jasic Welding Inverter Features Icon
Inverter Features
  • Pulse TIG AC/DC with Digital Control

  • Program memory storage (50 sets of weld data)

  • Microprocessor control of a wide range of functions

  • Advanced multi wave options in AC mode

  • Square, Triangular, Sine, Mixed Waveforms

  • Variable AC frequency for precise penetration control

  • Remote control interface

  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) safety function

  • MMA functionality with advanced features

  • Intelligent fan for cooler operation

  • Excellent welding characteristics

  • Handle for ease of portability

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Technical Data
315pmw data.jpg


Modular Design System

with Water Cooling.

Product Videos
Setup Video for DC & DC Pulse
Setup Video for AC & AC Pulse
Save and Recall Parameter Settings Guide
Walking the Cup
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DC Mode:

Steel/Stainless Steel up to 6.4mm (1/4")

AC Mode:

Aluminium up to 12.7mm (1/2")

Jasic Welding Inverter Package Icon
Package Includes

AC/DC TIG welding inverter power source, TIG welding torch

& adaptor, Gas regulator, Earth return lead,

Operating instructions.

Inverter Package Includes
Jasic Welding Inverter TIG Pack


Foot Control Unit


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