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Order Code: JPA-180

POWER ARC 180 SE Inverter Welder 

Discounts available from your local dealer

List Price: £395

Jasic Arc 160 PFC inverter welder.jpg

The Jasic Power Arc 180SE MMA inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.

This technologically advanced inverter is equipped with self adaptive arc force and offers easy starting with minimal spatter.

The Arc 180 also offers lift TIG functionality making it an ideal choice for maintenance and light fabrication.

Durable compact inverter with case

ideal for site-work



Inverter Features

  • IGBT Inverter technology for the professional user

  • MMA (Stick)/DC Lift TIG inverter welder

  • Anti-Stick, Arc-Force, Hot Start

  • High frequency inverter reducing weight and size

  • Compact size, lightweight and modern design

  • Easy arc starting, minimal spatter

  • Stable and reliable arc

  • Auto-compensation for voltage fluctuation

  • High quality tactile rubber finish to mouldings and handle

  • Includes protective carry case and MMA leads

  • AVR Generator friendly

Technical Data

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 10.12.42.png
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