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Plasma Cutting Troubleshooter

Plasma Cutting Problems

The proper installation, application and operation of plasma cutter can save many man hours and reduce costs which will give you the promised cut quality and longer consumable parts life.

Cut quality issues or poor consumable life are generally the most experienced problems seen with plasma cutters and more often than not are caused by the same thing, for example; low or too high air pressure, low air flow, water or oil in the supply airline will all give you poor cut quality and premature consumable wear.

It’s often difficult to diagnose cutting issues without understanding the cutters use and setup and there are various questions that need to be asked, to be able to give the best advice.

Below are a few pointers to help you on your way to obtaining consistently good cut quality.


1. Your mains power supply is suited to the plasma cutters specifications

2. The supplied gases or air supply is in keeping with the requirements of the plasma cutter

3. Ensure you plasma cutters amperage setting matches the cutting tips amperage.

4. Clean and service the plasma cutter and cutting torch regularly.

It's important that the operator checks the torch for signs of contamination and parts wear.


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