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Jasic Welding Inverters - 5 Year Warranty

At Jasic we have every confidence in the quality of our welding inverters. Each model is designed and built to the highest quality standards and undergo several tests to ensure extreme reliability. The product is supported with a team of highly qualified service technicians with the ability to service PCB's to component level.

Jasic Welding Inverters
Jasic Welding Inverters

The testing in our laboratories includes:-

  • EMC tests

  • Environmental and reliability testing

  • Vibration/drop/simulation testing

  • Safety tests, functional performance tests

  • White box limit tests

  • Thermal tests, auto-testing platform, component/device test

  • Welding processing test, arc ignition/cutting experiments

  • Welding material metallographic examination tests,

  • High speed photography test in welding process

Jasic Technology Centre - Manchester UK
Jasic Technology Centre - Manchester UK

JASIC has a certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standard. 

For further information please see our Warranty Terms


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