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EVO ARC 160 PFC Inverter c/w Case/Leads

Order Code: EA-160

Big discounts available from your local dealer

List Price: £550



Jasic EVO Micro Wireless Remote

EVO Micro Handheld Remote Control (Wireless)

Order Code: HRC-03

Jasic EVO Wired Remote

EVO Handheld Remote Control (Wired)

Order Code: HRC-04


Sales Leaflet

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 08.43.46.png

Operator Manual

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 10.48.46.png

MMA Welding Guide

MMA Booklet Image.png

Why buy Jasic

  • The product is very competitively priced and represents outstanding value for money

  • We only use the highest grade IGBT's and electrical components

  • 'Peace of mind' 5 year extended warranty when you register the product online

  • We carry out all our own service work and do not use third party service agents

  • Our welding inverters are above industry standard specification and set a new benchmark for quality

  • Confidence in buying from one of the world's largest manufacturers, producing 750,000 inverters a year

  • Our inverters pass 10 categories of core tests and 300 individual tests to ensure maximum reliability

  • We invest millions anually in R&D to ensure we are at the forefront of welding inverter development

  • We provide free product training on all Jasic models at our welding academy in Manchester

How to buy

Jasic inverters are readily available via our nationwide network of 800+ authorised welding equipment suppliers.

Choose from over 30 models with UK stock exceeding 1200+ welding inverters.

If you need help locating your local authorised Jasic dealer please call: 0161 793 8127 to speak to a customer service advisor.


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