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Order Code: ZXJP-61

Cut 60 Plasma Cutter

Discount available from your local dealer

Highly advanced plasma cutter

for precise smooth cuts

The New Jasic Pro Plasma Cut 60 is professional high-end plasma cutter equipped with the latest IGBT technology.

This technologically advanced plasma inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable cutting performance.

The plasma cutter provides variable cutting control that allows the operator to produce precise smooth cuts.

List Price: £1759

Jasic CUT 60/80 Plasma Cutter

Clean cut




Jasic Cutting Inverter Quality Standards
Jasic Cutting Inverter Features Icon

Inverter Features

  • Latest IGBT plasma cutter

  • PWM technology

  • Lightweight, portable and robust cutter

  • Digital ammeter

  • Variable cutting control

  • 20mm Cut on mild steel

  • PT100 (6m) plasma cutting torch

  • Cuts steel, stainless, copper, cast iron & aluminium

  • Cutting speed is increased 1.8 times when compared with oxy-acetylene cutting​

  • Metal mesh cutting mode

  • Non HF ignition

  • LED display

  • IGBT protection system

  • Air check indicator

  • Smooth precise cutting

  • CNC connection

  • Simple operation

  • 2T/4T cutting operation

  • Generator friendly plasma cutter

Inverter Package Includes

Jasic Plasma Inverter Data Icon

Technical Data

Jasic Plasma Cut 60 Technical Data

Plasma cutter power source, Plasma cutting torch (6m), Earth return lead, Operating instructions, 

5 year warranty.


Jasic PT-100 Plasma Cutting Torch
Jasic Welding Inverters 5 Year Warranty
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