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Order Code: JA-402C

ARC 400 MMA (Stick) Inverter Welder

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List Price: £2231.50

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The Jasic Arc 400 MMA (Stick) inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and digital meters.


This technologically advanced welding inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable and consistant arc performance.


The Arc 400 also offers lift TIG functionality making it an ideal choice for industrial welding applications.

High duty output for demanding

MMA welding applications

Jasic Welding Inverter Quality Standards
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Inverter Features

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Technical Data
  • IGBT inverter welder

  • Digital amp meter

  • Features Anti-Stick, Arc-Force and Hot Start

  • Lift TIG functionality

  • Mains/Thermal overload indicator LED's

  • Advanced control technology

  • Excellent weld characteristics

  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuations

  • Suitable for a wide range of welding electrodes including cellulosic electrodes

  • Remote control option

  • VRD option

Jasic Arc 400 Welding Inverter Data
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Inverter Package Includes

MMA (Stick) inverter welder power source, Operating instructions.

Jasic Welding Inverters 5 Year Warranty
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