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ARC 160 Dual Voltage Inverter

Order Code: JA-160DV

Big discounts available from your local dealer

List Price: £370

Versatile 'dual voltage' igbt inverter for

optimum weld performance

The Jasic Arc 160 MMA dual voltage welding inverter is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singlular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.

This technologically advanced inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable and consistant arc performance.

The Arc 160 also offers lift TIG functionality making it an ideal choice for maintenance and light fabrication.

jasic arc 160 dual voltage inverter

Key Features

Technical Data

  • MMA/Lift TIG - IGBT Inverter technology

  • Dual Voltage 115/230V with Auto Select

  • Anti-Stick, Arc-Force, Hot Start, Lift TIG

  • High frequency inverter reducing weight and size

  • Compact size, lightweight and modern design

  • Easy arc starting, minimal spatter

  • Auto-compensation for voltage fluctuation

  • High quality tactile rubber finish to mouldings and handle

  • Supplied in full colour packaging

Package Includes

Inverter power source, Operating instructions.

Not Included

MMA Leads, Mains plug, TIG torch & adaptor, TIG consumables, MMA Electrodes, Shielding gas, Filler wire, 

PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc)



Sales Leaflet

Operator Manual

MMA Welding Guide

Why buy Jasic

  • The product is very competitively priced and represents outstanding value for money

  • We only use the highest grade IGBT's and electrical components

  • 'Peace of mind' 5 year extended warranty when you register the product online

  • We carry out all our own service work and do not use third party service agents

  • Our welding inverters are above industry standard specification and set a new benchmark for quality

  • Confidence in buying from one of the world's largest manufacturers, producing 750,000 inverters a year

  • Our inverters pass 10 categories of core tests and 300 individual tests to ensure maximum reliability

  • We invest millions anually in R&D to ensure we are at the forefront of welding inverter development

  • We provide free product training on all Jasic models at our welding academy in Manchester

How to buy

Jasic inverters are readily available via our nationwide network of 800+ authorised welding equipment suppliers.

Choose from over 30 models with UK stock exceeding 1200+ welding inverters.

If you need help locating your local authorised Jasic dealer please call: 0161 793 8127 to speak to a customer service advisor.


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